Ravens CB Corey Graham Rips Lovie Smith For Never Giving Him A Chance To Play


Ravens defensive back Corey Graham is a hero in Baltimore this week after picking off Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning twice last week.

Graham was a special team standout until week 10 when he was inserted into the lineup.  The fifth year pro was tired of being only a special teams standout, and is grateful for his opportunity.

Graham was drafted in 2007 by Lovie Smith and the Bears, and Graham had no problem ripping smith this week for “not giving him a chance,” via USA Today.

“Lovie Smith, he loved what I did as a special teamer and that’s what he wanted from me, no matter what,” Graham says. “So I could go out and practice, get six interceptions at corner, but no matter what I was going to be Corey Graham, special teamer. That’s just how it was. That’s what he wanted from me, so I went out there and tried to be the best special-teamer I could possibly be.”

“In Chicago there was no way (Ayanbadejo) was going to touch the field on defense. There’s no way,” Graham says. “Then I come here and I’m watching games and I’m seeing him out there playing and I’m like, ‘Wow, he’s getting a chance.’ And that’s all you want as a player, is a chance to play.”

I’m not really sure what Graham expected, what was Lovie supposed to do, bench Peanut Tillman.

One thought on “Ravens CB Corey Graham Rips Lovie Smith For Never Giving Him A Chance To Play

  • No he shouldn’t have benched tillman, but before Jennings, he should have at least a chance, thats why Lovie is gone from the bears, he had tunnel vision and never went outside of the box, he’d play guys that clearly were getting outplayed on a regular basis ie.. Webb, Wright, and never looked to younger players that could maybe breakout and contribute, I for one am glad Smith is gone, the Bears need and aggressive Coach, good luck to Graham and the ravens!!

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