Ravens Fan Goes Crazy During Win Over Broncos, Wife Films It All (Video)

crazy ravens fan

The Ravens double overtime win over the Broncos was as thrilling a game as you’ll ever see.  If you had a weak heart, that was not the game for you.

One particular Ravens fan tested his heart and those around him as he reacted and cringed at every play that took place from the third quarter on.

In the video’s courtesy of the Big Lead, this Ravens fan takes passion to a whole new level, and is so passionate that it makes you wonder if it’s not all a ruse.

Either way he irritated his kids and most of all his wife who tape all theatrics, and posted them on the internet for the world to see.

Part one starts in the third quarter.


Part two shows him reacting to Jacoby’s Jones unbelievable touchdown catch.


The third clip the Ravens have won the game


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