Ravens Linebacker Adrian Hamilton Says Team Should Draft Manti Te’o

 ravens adrian hamilton on manti teo

 During the lead up to the Super Bowl, players are asked the wildest questions you’ll ever hear and their answers are just as weird. TMZ caught up with Ravens linebacker Adrian Hamilton and asked him about Manti Te’o.


Photog: Would you want [Manti] on your team?

AH: Is he a good linebacker?

Photog: Yes

AH: Then why wouldn’t we want him?


While for the most part Te’o has performed at an outstanding level, one has to wonder what his mental acumen is, if he can be duped by two dudes pretending to be a girl dying of cancer if we’re going to believe that he wasn’t in on the hoax.

I think Hamilton just wants him on the team because Te’o would be the easiest target to haze and tease in the history of locker room antics.

H/T JbSmooth84.com

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