Ravens Paul Kruger Says Broncos Should Have Stuck With Tebow

Paul Kruger

So, it isn’t just Tim Tebow’s brother who is trolling the Broncos.

Everyone knows that Peyton Manning is a better quarterback than Tim Tebow, but the facts are the fact. The Broncos 2011 Playoffs 1-1. The Broncos 2012 0-1.


3 thoughts on “Ravens Paul Kruger Says Broncos Should Have Stuck With Tebow

  • ..and who know’s what would have unfolded for Tebow if it wasn’t the GREAT Bill Belichek that he met up with in the AFC championship game last year. Does anyone know when was the last time Peyton Manning won a playoff game? Also, how many times in his career has he been a one n done in the 1st gm? He won a SuperBowl with one of the best defenses assembled in the last 20 years. Shout out to the best black-american sportswriter in the game today JWhitlock for keeping the REALITY CHECK in focus on Peyton lovers (Tebow haters.)

    • ooops…Belichick. haha, pun intended

    • Cut out the BS no matter what you say Tebow ain’t ish as a quarterback. Even Kruger knows that Denver’s D was horrible, giving up a long TD with seconds left in the game.

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