Ray Lewis Set to Join ESPN Once He Retires

Ray Lewis Madden

One thing I have learned over the years is just because you are a great motivational speaker while you are playing sports, doesn’t mean you will be great talking about sports and critiquing players and coaches.

I don’t see any reason why Lewis wouldn’t be great, besides the fact that ESPN while the biggest platform probably isn’t the best outlet for Ray Lewis’ style of preaching.

With that being said Richard Deitsch of SI.com cites multiple sources that Lewis will sign a multi-year deal with the World Wide Leader and will have a big role on Monday Night Countdown and other ESPN NFL related shows once his retirement is official.

Honestly, The NFL Network would have been the better move for Lewis’ personality, but ESPN will provide the bigger bucks and forum.

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  • Wow..that didn’t take long…they had to be working on a deal behind the scenes

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