Reggie Wayne Calls Ray Lewis Dance On Final Play Disrespectful


Ray Lewis played his final home game as a Baltimore Raven this past Sunday, and it was an emotional and thrilling event. There was Roger Goodell rushing to Baltimore to greet Lewis, tributes, and one final pregame “squirrel dance.”

Except it wasn’t the final squirrel dance he would do Sunday afternoon.  On the games final play the Ravens allowed Lewis to line up as the up back in the victory formation, and after the final kneel, Lewis broke out the squirrel dance once more.

Colts wide receiver and fellow Miami Hurricane Reggie Wayne didn’t take kindly to Lewis doing the dance again, and according to Wayne felt Lewis was disrespectful in doing it on that final play.

“I saw it as disrespectful,” Wayne said Monday on WNDE-AM in Indianapolis. “They’d already had a tribute every quarter.”

I think Wayne is a little salty about his season being over.  If it was anyone else, yea I could see the fuss.  It’s the one and only Ray Lewis.

2 thoughts on “Reggie Wayne Calls Ray Lewis Dance On Final Play Disrespectful

  • Disrespectful???? To who you Reggie?
    The baltimore fans don’t see it that way in fact we think it was awesome. It was his one last way of saying goodbye to Baltimore. Stop being such a sore loser.

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