Report: Chip Kelly And Browns Were Never Close To A Deal

chip kelly browns

For the second year in a row, Oregon head football coach Chip Kelly went on dates, and accepted flowers, but in the end chose not to marry any NFL teams proposes to him.

Kelly chose returning to Oregon over the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday.  but real story was his impending hire by the Cleveland Browns.

By mid afternoon Friday, Kelly was an almost certain lock for the Cleveland job.  Kelly then met with the Eagles for a good part of Saturday and things changed.  By then the Browns had move on with their search and had choice words for the way Kelly conducted business.

Pro Football Talk is now reporting that any such reports of Kelly and the Browns being close on a deal were false.  The Browns have spoken and acknowledged the two parties were nowhere near a deal.

It serves to ask the question now, is being the first to break a story or being the first to say I told you so worth making up stories to make yourself as a journalist look smart, or seem like you have the best sources?

I surely do learn a lot on the daily doing this job.