Report: Dwight Howard Tried To Fight Kobe Bryant For Calling Him Soft

dwight howard, kobe bryant feud

One of the first things Kobe Bryant said when Dwight Howard was traded to the Lakers, was that he wanted Dwight to cut the clown act, be serious and focused.

Dwight Howard has somewhat refused, and the two parties have struggled to meet eye to eye as the Lakers struggle along below .500 on the season.

The New York Daily News is reporting a mega story in which sources say Howard and Bryant had to be separated after a New Years Day loss to the 76ers, and most importantly, after Bryant got in a low blow by referencing and agreeing with Shaquille O’Neal’s opinion that Howard is soft.

According to sources, Howard had to be held back from attacking Bryant, and word from Dwight’s people is that he’s been unhappy with Kobe since earlier this season.

That can now explain as we reported here, why Howard started to complain about the team having a lack of chemistry.

Howard: “Look at the difference between our team and (the Clippers),” Howard said. “They just play together. They share the ball. Everybody’s excited when something happens.”

This issue can also now refute a claim that was made by Kobe that suggested Howard wanted  Bryant to be hard on him.   Howard is an impending free agent, and has thrown his own little jabs lately, specifically buying an Orlando Magic hat during a shopping trip to Harlem. 

Whatever the case may be, Kobe is serious all the time, and Howard is somewhat of a clown, no pun intended, who will probably conduct himself like a big kid for the rest of his life.

The Lakers have denied the story of course, but whether the story is true or not, it definitely will play a part in what Howard chooses to do this summer.



4 thoughts on “Report: Dwight Howard Tried To Fight Kobe Bryant For Calling Him Soft

  • I knew this was going to happen as soon has this clown came to the team. And with five kids his “big kid act” is tiresome.

  • If only Kobe was serious about being a husband and father, also…..

    Kobe has always been a jerk to his teammates and thinking that he’s the “only” player.

    I wish that Gasol and Howard (both of whom he has referred to as soft) – would actually show him who is the softest of the three….

  • It’s about time that someone stud up to this punk. Telling the media that another man needs to “put you big boy pants on” c’mon..

    Kobe picked on the right one w/ this BS..

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