Report: KG Took Cheerios Shot at Melo’s Wife, Because He Knew the Couple was Separated


Lala Anthony 2

People were wondering why Kevin Garnett would take a random shot at Carmelo Anthony’s wife. It isn’t normal for player to trash talk about someone’s wife.

Most chalked up the Honey Nut Cheerios comment to KG just being KG, but there seems to be more to it than that. According to the New York Daily News, Carmelo and his wife Lala have been going through some marital problems.

The report states that they have been separated for more two months.  With Lala taking her talents to South Beach (where she rang in the new year without Melo).

If this is true, KG was just pushing Melo’s buttons on a sensitive subject. It was bad enough if it was just random, but the fact that KG might have known how much something like that would bother Melo is even more sinister.

Fair or foul on KG’s comments?  You make the call.

Carmelo and Garnett


  1. I think it was funny. I kind of expected that out to the ball players. Gary Payton was king of this type of stuff. Nothing new. Kind of funny if you ask me.

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