Report: Manti Te’o Dying Girlfriend Was Hoax, Was He In On It?

manti te'o

As I say all the time in my articles, this new age of media is an absolute beast.  If you are into something you shouldn’t be, doing something you shouldn’t be, it will get caught on camera, screen shots of text, tax evasion, anything.

Point is in this new age of media what’s done in the dark will make its way to the light quickly.  In what may be the most shocking report in a long time.

Deadspin is reporting that girlfriend Notre Dame star linebacker Manti Te’o loved and played for while she was sick with Leukemia, and who he played inspiring football for on the day that she reportedly died is reportedly a hoax and a lie.

According to Deadspin, Te’o and a young man named Ronaiah Tuiasosopo basically catfished all of America.

According tot he site, Manti’s supposed dead girlfriend Lennay Kekua, and instead those photo’s everyone in the country were melting over belonged to a young lady that to protect her identity was referred to as Reba.

manti te'o supposed gilfriendmanti te'o supposed gilfriend

Essentially the heartfelt story of the year in college football was a lie.  The questions now are who was in on that lie and how far up the ladder of importance does it go.

Notre Dame is a huge entity in college football, and when Notre Dame is good and relevant, ratings for NBC, and ESPN are good, which leads to money.

The question will now be asked about what did Te’o know?  what did his family know?What did Notre Dame and NBC know.

Notre Dame is now reporting that on December 26th, Te’o and his family informed the school that the linebacker was the victim of a hoax, and deliberate catfish.

This is a deep story that can’t be explained in one short post, but could have lasting ramifications on Te’o’s draft status, and on the young mans life for a long time to come.

We’ll have further updates as they come.


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