Report: Peyton Manning Declined On Field Post Game Interview

Peyton Manning Broncos

Can’t have this.

You throw the INT, you man up and talk to the media. I am sure he will talk at post game press conference, but very unprofessional on Manning’s part that will be covered up.

3 thoughts on “Report: Peyton Manning Declined On Field Post Game Interview

  • Peyton’s image is carefully crafted. This was to be the first of many crowning moments in his “triumphant” return. Guess te Ravens didn’t get that memo.

  • Through out all of Payton’s career he is a class act. I can understand why he would decline an interview. He was hoping, wishing, and dreaming for another Super Bowl ring. It all fell apart tonight. With a dream like this being destroyed, I think I would be overwhelmed and would not want to talk to the media right afterwards either. Give the man a little respect. He has earned it. He is just human like the rest of us.

  • Sorry….thought this was White Sports Online.

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