Rex Ryan Vacations To The Bahamas, Avoiding The Media

Rex Ryan In The Bahamas


After the season, Rex Ryan escaped like Waldo and has hidden himself in the Bahamas.

Rex Ryan has done what other coaches didn’t have the opportunity to do, dodge Black Monday. Despite a horrible season ending in 6-10 and an even worse year for Mark Sanchez,  DeadSpin has reported Rex Ryan has decided to cool his jets, no pun intended, in the Bahamas.

rex ryan in bahamas


With the firing of GM Mike Tannenbaum, the Jets have announced that there will be a press conference on Tuesday, January 8th, which is in violation with the NFL policy of team officials to speak to the media a week after the season ended. The Jets have been in the media all season and have welcomed them into the organization, weird that all of a sudden they shun them away now.

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  • Hope rex and his boyfriend sanchez stay in the bahamas forever. They can play beach volleyball all day with old ladies and at least then rex saying “sanchez gives us the best chance to win” is accurate. Hope the GM cleans house, qb, coach o.c. I’d be embarrassed too if I stood by a bust q.b.

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