RG3 Responds to Critics Who Are Saying He Should Have Taken Himself Out of the Game

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What is interesting is if there wasn’t a bad snap and RG3’s next pass was a TD he would be called a hero and warrior today. It is easy to find fault and cast blame in retrospect.

It appears RG3 has heard the critics and this was his response.

I agree with his first tweet, his second one I disagree with it. It is a lazy attempt to say if you haven’t played the game you wouldn’t understand what he is going through.

You didn’t have to play the NFL to see he has been hurting and question if a 50% RG3 is better than a 100% Kurt Cousins. This is a thick skin business and for the most part RG3 has handle everything pretty well, he just needs to be careful when making statements via social media.

Those can come back to bite you in the back.