RG3 Was Concerned About His Knee After First Quarter TD

Redskins RG3s Knee Football 3

The moment when Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III actually got injured will probably always be a mystery.  Some say it was the play when you saw his knee give out.

Mike Shanahan seems to think it was the play before during a pileup.  If you ask Griffin III, or actually if you listen to NFL Networks “Sound FX,” RG3 can be heard conversing with offensive tackle Trent Williams.

After completing a 4 yard touchdown pass, Griffin III starts to have concerns about the knee, and addresses them with Williams.

Trent:Are you sure you’re all right, bro?

RG3: Yeah, I’m going to be safe.

Trent: You tweaked it when you were trying to back up?

RG3:Yeah, my foot kind of went wah-wah.

Trent: Did that shock you a little bit?

RG3:  Yeah, scared the (expletive) out of me (laughs).

Trent: All right, be smart.

RG3:All right, be smart.

Griffin III eventually went on to tear his LCL and part of his ACL.  It played out like a tragic scene from a movie, and you can see the movie in all light on “Sound FX” which aired last night.