Richard Sherman Says None Of The Redskins Receivers Worry Him

sherman says no redskins worry him

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is riding high after beating the charges that he used Performance Enhancing Drugs.  Sherman had his coming out party during the regular season, and with the playoffs approaching he’s prepared to turn it up a notch.

Sherman was asked by USA Today about which Redskins receiver gives him pause, or the slightest bit of worry.  Sherman’s answer was predictable, “none of them.”

The reporter then asked Sherman, “not even Pierre Garcon?”

Sherman again answered, “I don’t think so,” Sherman said. “Not that I know of.”

Sherman had a message for his haters also.

“Everybody has haters,” Sherman said. “People think Jesus didn’t exist. They think he wasn’t a miracle worker. There are people who say he didn’t walk on water, or he only walked on water because he couldn’t swim. Those people’s opinions mean dirt to me.”

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