Richard Sherman Thinks Falcons Receivers Are Best Duo In League


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is going to talk and he’s going to give his opinion whether you like it or not, and even if it gets him mushed.

This weekends Falcons-Seahawks contest presents an amazing battle between a receiving corps in Julio Jones and Roddy White are fast and strong, and cornerback duo that is strong, fast and physical in their own right.

Sherman was asked about the Atlanta duo, and per Pro Football Talk, had no problem giving out lofty praise for the Dirty Birds.

“I would think so,” Sherman said Wednesday. “They’re two of the best in the league. They’re two of the best out there right now as individuals. For a tandem they’re probably the top tandem out there.”

Say what you want about Sherman, but he’s faced Larry Fitzgerald twice, Megatron, and Brandon Marshall.  As a group Sherman is riding with Falcons as the best.

“I think Roddy is more crafty of a route-runner,” Sherman said. “He uses different tricks and things. You can see that he’s a veteran when he’s route-running. Julio runs hard routes and plays the game more physical. I think he’s stronger in his routes and uses his body more.”

“It’s going to be a fun match-up for us. It’s fun to play against good players. Good against good is always the best kind of game,” Sherman said.

It will definitely be one hell of a game.  If the Falcons receivers can get loose against the Seattle defense, they could be in for a big day.