Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Tells Dr. Phil, Relationship With Manti Te’o Was Romantic


Amid the hype of the Super Bowl we got a few days to not hear about Manti Te’o being catfished.  We can now get back to breaking down all the information and trying to figure out who lied.

The perpetrator of this amazing, event, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo spoke to Dr. Phil this week and again revealed some shocking revelations.

Per Pro Football Talk, Tuiasosopo revealed to Dr. Phil that from his perspective, his relationship with Te’o “was romantic.”

“Here we have a young man that fell deeply, romantically in love,’’ McGraw told NBC’s Today. “I asked him straight up, ‘Was this a romantic relationship with you?’  And he says yes.  I said, ‘Are you then therefore gay?’  And he said, ‘When you put it that way, yes.’  And then he caught himself and said, ‘I am confused.’’’

Tuiasosopo went on to tell Dr. Phil that in no way shape or form did Manti Te’o have anything to do with the hoax.  What bombshell will be dropped next.