Rondo Says He Doesn’t have Friends on Other Teams, Won’t Hangout With Other All-Stars


Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics

Rajon Rondo has always been known to carry a chip on his shoulder on the court,but it seems he’s also that way off the court as well.

ESPNBoston recounted Rondo’s reaction to the ‘chummy’ nature of today’s NBA. When asked if Rondo would be hanging out with Wade and Melo Rondo replied;

Why would I?

He then continued

No, I don’t do much socializing…If I make it, I hope one of my homeboys makes it, Josh Smith. If he makes it, KG makes it, we’ll all hang out…I don’t try to be friends with anyone outside my team.

You have to respect Rondo’s ‘old school’ mentality. From the way he plays–classic point guard, to the way he conducts himself off the court by not giving into the overly fraternal nature of today’s sports.

Whether you love Rondo’s honesty, or find him smug, there still much to be said about someone who takes the same chip on his shoulder he has in the game and into real life. Passion?


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