Roy Hibbert Paid Pacers Backups $100 Each For Keeping Bobcats Under 80 points

Roy Hibbert-Pacers backups

I’m not sure you can quantify what Pacers center Roy Hibbert did Tuesday as making a bounty payment, but Hibbert did pay his teammates for carrying through on a game plan.

The Indianapolis Star is reporting that during a 103-76 blowout of the Charlotte Bobcats, upon exiting the game, Hibbert told all five of the Pacers substitutes entering the game that if they kept the Bobcats below 80, he would pay them each $100.

“I’m a man of my word.”

Hibbert who’s making $13 million this season, handed the money out in the locker room.  One of his teammates,  Dominic McGuire, is on a 10 day contract, and Hibbert forgot his name.

Ben Hansbrough is the lone rookie of the bunch, so Hibbert said he would make him wait.

What I don’t understand, is with that huge salary he has, all Hibbert would give them is a bean, a $100.