Salty Dad Post FB Message Hoping His Kid’s Rival School Gets Shot Up After Bball Loss

Jeff Berni

Jeff Berni needs to get it together, just because your son’s team took an L no need to get all salty with the Facebook gangster threats.

“Camas fans!!!!! Worst in the league!!!!! I hope someone shoots up their school real soon!!!!!!!!” he wrote following a game between Camas High School and Skyview High School in Vancouver, Wash., where his son plays.

When parents and students saw the message understandably they were worried and called police, but believe it or not you can’t arrest someone for wishing something bad happens to a school.

Berni also got into a confrontation with some of the students.

“He flipped kids off. He had some negative reaction (about the game),” Gibson said. “Exactly what is said, we don’t know.”

Sounds like a Father of the Year candidate to me.