Shamarr Bowden Of ECU Punches Konner Tucker Of UTEP (Video)


This has been a violent weekend in sports.  Trent Williams got knocked over the head at a night club in Honolulu.  Yesterday fans got so bored at the Pro Bowl that they started brawling in the stands.

Now comes video courtesy of The Big Lead where a college kid absolutely loses his mind.  Shamarr Bowden is a 6’4 guard for the Pirates who has provided some offensive spark for them this season.

This weekend Bowden provided some punch of his own, in a bad way, when he two pieced Konner Tucker of UTEP after the two got tangled up.

Bowden is throwing punches while his teammate Marshall Guilmette hangs from the rim after throwing down a monster dunk.

Bowden reportedly has a bit of mean streak after being arrested last April on gun charges.  Bowden was arrested after firing rounds from a .45 caliber into the air during an argument.