Shaq’s Ex-Mistress Vanessa Lopez Wants Lawsuit Trial Televised


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I wonder do the mistresses and jumpoffs know they can go to the police before they go to Gloria Allred?  A lot of lawsuits happen, but not a lot of criminal complaints.

Either way Lopez is suing The Diesel for racketeering (I guess Shaq is Al Capone too), invasion of privacy, and intentional inflection of emotional distress.

She claims he spied on her and threatened her life.  She has a criminal who use to work for Shaq, Shawn Darling ready to testify against him.  Shaq claims that Darling hacked into his computer system illegally, tried to steal money and stole personal information. Darling says that is what he was hired to do, hacked into Shaq’s mistresses emails and track their movements.

The whole thing sounds like a bad Lifetime movie, but the trial is set for March and Allred is pushing hard for it to be televised.

Are you entertained?

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  • B*tches aint s*it

  • These guys have so much money and there are so many beautiful professionals out there I don’t see why they even bother with “girlfriends”.

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