Son Of LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Found Dead

David Sterling


This is no way for a parent to start off the New Year.

According to reports from KTLA, Scott Sterling, 32, son of David Sterling, was found dead in his Malibu home. The Sheriffs were called to the scene at 11:29pm Tuesday evening. Its not clear who reported the call, but friends and family have both said that they had not seen Scott for days.

scott sterling

The LA Coroner reports that the death seems accidental, but the autopsy would determine if drugs played a role.

Scott Sterling has had previous run ins with the law after he shot his “best friend”, Phillip Scheid, over actress Lindsey McKeon. Scott claimed self defense, saying Scheid attacked him with a knife. Police asked to charge Sterling within two weeks, but because of a victim who wasn’t “Credible” and Donald Sterling allegedly intimidating a detective, prosecutors decided to not go after him.