Syracuse’s Former Media Director Accused of Secretly Videotaping Male Athletes


Creepy story about Roger Springfield the now former media director at Syracuse University. An employee saw some suspicious looking video shot by Springfield that he said was clearly inappropriate and reported it to the University.

After an investigation they uncovered over 100 athletes being secretly videotaped from the Orange’s football, lacrosse, and soccer teams by Springfield.

Here is what Onondaga County (N.Y.) district attorney William Fitzpatrick had to say about what was going on via Deadspin.

There is no evidence Springfield disseminated the recordings or still images to anyone else, Fitzpatrick said.

There is also no evidence Springfield engaged in any inappropriate sexual contact with any of the athletes.

Fitzpatrick said it appears Springfield placed the camera at waist level and placed a piece of tape over the red light to conceal the fact it was recording. He said the authorities “quickly discounted” the possibility of that having been done accidentally.

Very very creepy.

Springfield has been charged with four counts of unlawful surveillance, he has pleaded not guilty.