Tahiry Says JR Smith Tweeting Her Booty in Hotel Room Ended Their Relationship (Photos)



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When you booty is your main calling card and you are known as an urban model, I don’t think you can really be upset when an athlete treats you as such.

JR Smith is known for not caring too much how the women he is dealing with are portray, so it wasn’t surprising when he tweeted out photos of Tahiry in their hotel room.  He was fined $25k by the NBA for posting the photo on Twitter. He was taking a jab at Tahiry’s ex-boyfriend rapper Joe Budden.

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FYI, his head wasn’t in the original photo. According to Jocks and Stiletto Jill, Tahiry who is now on the reality show Love and Hip Hop says that was the downfall of their relationship. She blames Twitter for the breakup.

More likely the breakup was because she was never really with him, but I digress.



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