Terrell Suggs Calls Patriots Arrogant Pricks & F*ckers, Wishes Them Well in Pro Bowl


Tell us how you really feel Sizzle.

Here is the thing, lose with class, win with class. If Suggs truly feels this way about Patriots so be it, but it isn’t like the Ravens have the most modest players on their team.

There isn’t much of a difference between the two teams, they both can be annoying with their bravado. Just this time the Ravens got the upper hand.

21 thoughts on “Terrell Suggs Calls Patriots Arrogant Pricks & F*ckers, Wishes Them Well in Pro Bowl

  • hahahaha you stupid bistin fans. I am so happy belicheat is such a pussy. brady is too, faggots. looks like the dirty birds kicked the crap out of you…. hahahahaha I will love this one through the off season… dynasty over!!!!

  • Suggs tells it like it is!!

  • Love my Ravens, but Suggs is just a chump from the hood. Classless is his middle name. Just like NE is stuck with Belichick, we have Suggs.

    • Have you ever heard Suggs in an interview? He is actually pretty intelligent, he also earned a score of 31 on his wonderlic, higher than most of the NFL. He’s a passionate guy who is really good at what he does. Notice that all of the patriots skipped out on the pro bowl again this year? Pretty classy right?
      He’s calls it like it is because he hears the talk of pats fans and I’m sure the pats aren’t sweethearts on the field either.

  • Ravensnation all day…..Someone just so happened to get suggs on camera. do you ppl really think he’s the only one who’s like that. Belichecks a sore loser, Brady tries cleating Reeds legs cuz he’s a bitch and now you wanna try and talk down on Suggs? They ARE a bunch of “arrogant f**kers.” Suggs is a one of many veteran leaders on this team and if you dont like him….you still wish you had him. haha! See you all in New Orleans

    • Suggs will always be a dirty loudmouth Nigger and his wife is a coal burner. He contributed nothing by coming back to early. All of the football world knows luckimore was that lucky and capitalized on other teams injuries and poor officiating. Too bad Baltimore keeps rationalizing this and copping out.

      Suggs wife or the one I saw, the white one is a coal burner mud shark with no self esteem to fuck a low down dirty nigger like him

      • You’re either a really awful troll who needs to practice his trolling, or you’re a dirty sister-fucking backwoods racist. haha

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