Texans DB Johnathan Joesph: We’re Better than the Patriots

Johnathan Joesph


If you look at the scoreboard for the two times the Houston Texans and New England Patriots played this season, the Patriots destroyed the Texans 83-42 combined.

Handily defeating the Texans in both match-ups, I’m sure everyone has come to the conclusion that the Patriots are just better. I know I have. But, it appears not everyone feels that way.

If you ask Texans corner Johnathan Joesph, the Texans are still the better team despite the results.

Per CSNHouston.com: “Obviously we had the right guys in here to win 13 ballgames to get up to that point,” Joseph said. “For whatever reason, we didn’t advance. I still can’t put that over because I think we were a better team. I think we just didn’t make the plays at the right time.

Asked if the lopsided margin indicates the Patriots are better, Joesph was quick to respond.

Not at all,” Joseph said. “Just four or five plays. You take a few of those plays that they made and go the other way, it’s a different ballgame.”

I have to respect a player always believing his team is the best, I feel you need that mentality to play at the highest level.

But, sometimes the numbers don’t lie. The Patriots dominated the Texans in every aspect.

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  • Ooooh! I get it! Jonathan Joseph is a moron. Cool, good to know.

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