Texas Proposes a Bill For Strippers To Have a License


Texas State Rep. Bill Zedler is trying to make it harder for young girls to become strippers, so he is proposing they have to go through a lot of bells and whistles before they are allowed to hit the pole.

Here is what he had to say.

The idea is to try and prevent younger women from getting into the industry in the first place. He said it can serve as gateway to other problems, like drugs and prostitution.

“At church, my friend’s daughter was attracted to it by the big money of stripping … this isn’t a single case, it’s a pattern,” said Zedler.

In order to get a license, performers would need to have a relatively clean criminal record, meaning no drug or prostitution offenses. They’d also take a class on human trafficking.

I understand what he is getting at and in general you don’t want to see anyone get involved with drugs or illegal activity. With that being said, stripping is a job just like working at the call center. There are risks, but people have to be held accountable for their own actions.

So, I think he is taking it too far.

James Harden would definitely vote against it.

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