The Theory That Manti Te’o Made Up Fake GF Because He’s Gay, Hitting NFL Circles



No one wants to say it out loud because they are trying to be politically correct, but the fact of the matter is there are legitimate reasons to suggest that one of the plausible scenarios in the Manti Te’o saga is that he masterminded this entire thing to hide the fact that he is gay.

The are three main pieces of evidence why you could easily come to that conclusion.

1- He knows the mastermind of the alleged hoax Ronaiah Tuiasosopo personally.

2- The outlandishness of the story (how they met, car accident, coma, talking for hours, deathbed letters, miraculous recovery, sudden death and etc etc).

3- He continued to talk about her even after he told Notre Dame she was a fake and he knew she was alive.

Te’o is a Mormon going to a Catholic school, it is quite possible he thought this was the best way to cover up his sexual preference and it just spiraled out of control.

It isn’t the only scenario, but it is one of the most plausible scenarios. NFL teams aren’t stupid, they will investigate and they are starting to come to a lot of the same conclusions.

I could care less if Manti Te’o is gay or not.  If he can tackle Adrian Peterson, he will play in the NFL, doesn’t matter if he is gay or straight.  What I do care about is if he was lying about cancer stricken in a coma dead girlfriend to protect his image.

Anyone who would do that is a little messed up in the head.

My suggestion is whatever the truth is come clean, because if you lie again you aren’t going to get the benefit of the doubt.

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  1. Disagree.

    “It isn’t the only scenario, but it is one of the most plausible scenarios. NFL teams aren’t stupid, they will investigate and they are starting to come to a lot of the same conclusions.”

    If they investigate if he’s gay, and use that as a draft determination, it will be evidence they are stupid.

    Gay or straight, all they need to know is he’s a great linebacker, that will be a great asset to the team. Worrying enough about being his being gay to investigate is dumb.

  2. It’s easy to say “who cares” if Te’o is gay, but clearly Te’o doesn’t feel acceptance or comfort to be himself in the football world, *if* he is gay. We need to start caring and start doing our part, all of us, to eliminate homophobia because no-one should live like this.

    • If this is the motivation behind this hoax, it’s pretty understandable. As a Mormon at a Catholic school in the sport of football, he might feel he needed to go to such extremes to cover it up. Such a person probably wouldn’t feel—correctly—there was much support around him and that there was a lot of hostility.

      It’s not like that everywhere. There’s lots of people, like Viking’s Chris Kluwe, and Raven’s Brendon Ayanbadejo and ESPN’s LZ Gunderson and Jared Maxx–even Howard Stern–who would be quick to step to defend a gay player against the ugly attacks which are probably inevitable. Hopefully, if this speculation is true, Te’o knows that he can find friends and support that only care that he play the game the best he can.

  3. There are ALOT of DL DUDES aka Closeted HOMOSEXUALS in The NFL and ALWAYZ HAS BEEN Though (Yup…) The FACT That if he is ACTUALLY GAY and Has to Pretend He’s HETEROSEXUAL in 2013 is BEYOND STOOPID and Outlandishly DISGUSTING (To ME…)

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