The U RB Duke Johnson Comments on LeSean McCoy Drama, Gets Targeted by Twitter Thugs



The twitter battle between LeSean McCoy and his Baby Mama is probably one of the ugliest public battles between athlete and girlfriend/jump off we have ever seen. (Read the recap here)

Everybody on twitter is buzzing, even some athletes are chiming in. One of them is Freshman Running back for the Miami Hurricanes, Duke Johnson. (@BrickByBrick_8)

Of course, this prompted McCoy’s male groupies to go after Johnson.

One guy in particular was especially nasty, and its obvious that he created the account specifically to troll the Baby Mama and then turned his attention to Johnson.


Amazing how nasty people can be when they are shielded by the anonymity of the internet. Easy to say you would kick somebody’s ass face to face when your avi is a dog.

Say it with your chest next time.

And kudos to Johnson for not engaging the dude.


  1. you nasty scum bag get off dukes’ back your boy mcoy is a bitch also you sorry ass hole who is defending him.go flush yourselves intoilet

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