Tim Tebow’s Brother Trolls Broncos And Manning On Twitter

Peter Tebow Trolls Broncos

Tim Tebow has suffered through embarrassment and a mess of a time as a New York Jet this season.  While the man who took his place in Denver, Peyton Manning, enjoyed a rebirth in his career, led the Broncos to the best record in the AFC, and probably won another MVP.

Manning and the Broncos lost today as we all know in a double overtime thriller to the Baltimore Ravens.  Manning will most likely be the scapegoat, after throwing an interception late in the first overtime period, that led to a Ravens field goal.

Something strange happened after that though.  Tim Tebow’s older brother Peter emerged on twitter, and via Pro Football Talk, the elder Tebow felt the need to mock Manning in one sense, and then let the world know he was pleased that the Broncos lost.

peter Tebow hating on manning


peter tebow happy broncos lost


Peter Tebow is in no way Tim, but he is related and will not receive the venom from such hating, his brother will.  Peter Tebow should know that the NFL is a business and judging by the record and number 1 seed, it was better business to go with Peyton Manning and Trade Tim Tebow.

The fact that Peter Tebow can find room to mock Peyton Manning after the embarrassment his brother just went through leaves me dumbfounded, but hey what do I know.

6 thoughts on “Tim Tebow’s Brother Trolls Broncos And Manning On Twitter

  • Tebow +1
    Manning -1

    They both lost in the same round but Tebow won a playoff game in a Broncos uniform. Peyton has yet to do so….does any1 remember Peyton as Colt and his winning % in the playoffs????…reality check from a DIE HARD CHIEFS FAN

    • How many super bowls has Te-blow been in again?

  • The pic that you have of Timmy was actually with his other brother, Robbie. That is not Peter. The Twitter status is Peter, though.

  • Twitter can definitely make a mess of things for people. We’ve all seen this happening before so I wonder why they still can’t help themselves and they just had to go and rant on Twitter.

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