Titus Young Doesn’t Want To Play Anymore If He’s Not Going To Get The Ball


I’m truly not sure what to make of these statements, and I’m not sure If I should flip out or feel sorry for Titus Young.  The Lions immature wide receiver is again making head waves, but again for the wrong reason.

Young has already been suspended by the team for fighting, and disciplined for reportedly trying to sabotage the passing game.

Young according to Larry Brown Sports took to twitter and went old school in his complaints about how he’s used.  Young is that guy if you don’t pass him the ball all the time, he’s taking his ball and going home.



Young didn’t stop there either, he unleashed one more. 



I don’t know what is more shocking, the rant, or the fact that folks re-tweeted him.

3 thoughts on “Titus Young Doesn’t Want To Play Anymore If He’s Not Going To Get The Ball

  • Have you ever met a WR that didn’t think they were open on every play? There is video evidence of him sulking and acting like little beyotch on the field. Titus needs to take care of what he needs to do. You play on a team with arguaby the best receiver in football today. Instead of taking advantage of the double-teams Megatron gets on every play and being an assett to the team, he is whinig like a girl. Maybe he doesn’t realize that the days of coddling receivers who mouth off and don’t produce are done. He keeps this up, he is not going to have a choice on whether or not he WANTS to play anymore.

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