Tony Dungy Thinks Success Of Wilson, Kaepernick Helped Change Chip Kelly’s Mind


New Eagles head coach Chip Kelly had a change of heart, and decided that he could contend in the NFL, and that he really did want the job in Philadelphia. 

Many will question and wonder what made Kelly change his mind and decide to take the Eagles job.  Former head coach and current NBC Analyst Tony Dungy was on the Dan Patrick Show this morning, and according to Pro Football Talk, he thinks the success of Seahawks rookie Russell Wilson and San Francisco 49ers second year quarterback Colin Kaepernick during the playoffs help Kelly decide he could do it.

“I know all the players and everyone around the University of Oregon was shocked,” Dungy said on the Dan Patrick Show. “They wouldn’t have been shocked if it had happened 12 days ago because Chip had said, ‘Hey, I’m going to take a look at these things.’ And I talked to him at that time, we talked about a few things about NFL football versus college football and that kind of thing. And I was convinced he had decided to stay. He just thought he was in a great situation and I thought that was that. But I have a guess. And I could be wrong, I don’t know, it’s just a guess. But I’ll ask you, Dan: Could it be that Chip Kelly watched the playoffs and watched Russell Wilson run a little bit of his read option in the spread offense, and watched Colin Kaepernick run a little bit more of it?”

Dungy feels Kelly watched the playoffs, so how those young kids ran their offenses, and felt my offense is more sophisticated than theirs.

We will see fairly soon based off the quarterback he chooses to use, which way he’ll go system wise.  I say hand the ball to Vick and see how it goes that first year.