Tracy McGrady Suspended For Calling Refs “3 Blind Mice”; Threatening to Leave China


Things haven’t been going well in for T-Mac is China. His team sucks, he has been getting into fights and getting diarrhea.

The latest incident is being reported by Deadspin. Here is what T-Mac had to say about the officiating in China after a missed expire shot clock call went against his team and cost them a win.

“CBA has to do a better job with these officials. My team plays hard every night and the 3 blind mice take it away from us!

“This bad officiating has to change. No way I’m coming back if the officiating continues to be this errant.”

McGrady was suspended for 1 game and fined $1600 for his comments.   If anyone sees McGrady in China please give him a Capri Sun and tell him to chill.  Keep collect those Chinese checks T-Mac, because no one wants you in the NBA.