Trent Williams Mushes Richard Sherman in the Face After Seahawks Beat Skins (Video)


Trent Williams Richard Sherman

Call me old school, but I believe with winning with class. Richard Sherman has shown that he doesn’t share that belief. He is a very talented corner (possible cheater as well), but his comments and actions before, during and after games lack a lot of class.

If he doesn’t care that’s fine, but it is a team game, not a Richard Sherman game. He is lucky all he got was mushed in the face.

Williams for his part apologized for the smack.  Here is the statement he released via his agent.

“I want to take this opportunity to apologize for my actions that took place following tonight’s game. It was a hard fought game between two great teams and I let my emotions get the best of me. To Richard Sherman, the Seahawks, Mr. Daniel Snyder, Coach Shanahan, Mr. Bruce Allen, my teammates, and all the fans…I am truly sorry. I feel as though I’ve taken many strides to be a better person this season and this is not how I wanted it to end. And for that, I apologize for my actions.”

Some would say Sherman has had it coming.

Trent Williams Smushes Richard Sherman in The Face


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