Twitter Takes Away Rob Parker’s Verified Blue Check Mark

Rob Parker Twitter

It is time for Rob Parker to update that bio, since he no longer is verified by Twitter after being fired by ESPN. My suggestion would be this.

“A Real Brother who is down for the cause brother, who thinks dating white women makes you a cornball ball brother. Currently unemployed journalist, who is now hanging out at the Barbershop comparing black athletes to OJ Simpson. DM me Cari Champion I miss you.”

6 thoughts on “Twitter Takes Away Rob Parker’s Verified Blue Check Mark

  • @Robert,
    you are stupid ass! A brother loses his job for saying something that’s being said everywhere. RG3 is a an Uncle Tom in the making. He should stfu and play the game. leave the politics to the politicians. NFL careers last about as long as first to fourth grade& the way its looking, he is already in the second. You should find an English class and learn to write a real article. @least Parker had a real job.

    • As a black man, I have to agree this is said often in private and even by educated AAs. Truth hurts. When Parker made the comment I knew he was referring to AAs who excel then begin to push away from blackness or consider it inferior. The AAs that steered it to mean RG3 wasn’t down enough only did that because Parker was stepping on their toes. President Obama would not be considered a “cornball brotha” but Clarence Thomas would.

  • Rob was wrong, but it shouldn’t have cost him his job. Sound like they were going to let rob go anyways at the end of the year anyways.

  • gets what he deserves…. who’s the cornball brutha na???

  • All those saying he shouldn’t have been fired are simply pandering to this idea of protecting on of “their own”. Here is man who made inflammatory and offensive comments deriding a man, not only on his race but his character in an unfounded manner. These are the sort of things if said by a White sportscaster he would have been fired immediately. Just because someone is black doesn’t mean you have to defend them. We are all individuals here, PEOPLE, not just BLACK people. SO when Parker made his comments, they affected SOCIETY not just BLACK SOCIETY. It’s what you fail to see. And being a successful AA does not mean that one somehow wishes to be ‘less black’. What does it even mean to be less black? You create these rules, this criteria for defining each other and wonder why black people lag behind socio-economically – this mentality of people being out to ‘get us’ is pathetic and childish. Clarence Thomas is cornball because he’s a Republican, social and fiscal conservative? Please! I am not a fan of the man but he is an individual. He isn’t shrugging away from being black, he’s merely not using it as a crutch toward entitlements like so many would love him to. And oh yes, Obama can also be conceived to be cornball too by some. Notice Charles Rangel of New York crying Wolf about the lack of AA appointees to the Cabinet. Ignoring the Holder and Susan Rice apppointments. You can’t pack Cabinet posts with the less qualified simply because they are black.

  • This article is so stupid. Rob Parker said what a lot of people are thinking. RG3 is a coward. And hate his guts and hope he continue to gets injured.

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