Twodel Pebbelz Da Model Arrested for Murder By Butt Injections..True Story (Photos)


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Pebblez Da Model is your standard video vixen who has been linked to athletes, rappers and entertainers.  What makes her “special” is here booty is disproportionately bigger than anything else on her body.

You can only get a booty like this through some sort of surgical procedure.

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It appears though that Pebbelz has went Dr. Nick on the wrong person and may have been directly or indirectly involved in a murder by butt injections.

Global Grind has more on the story.


Natasha Stewart, 39, was questioned for the death of a Mississippi woman who was murdered by way of an injection of concrete into her buttocks. Stewart was charged with both homicide and fugitive from justice.


The friend she was with, 21-year-old Shannetria Newberry, was charged with aggravated assault, failure to appear on a felony case, bodily harm, and criminal forfeiture.

Why would anyone want to put concrete in their body is beyond me.  Hopefully this will be a lesson to young women who believe they need a big booty to impress men.  Is it really worth your life?

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  • Rob, What does this thang have to do with sports? LOL!!

  • dumbass, it says she has been linked to ATHLETES,(KEY WORD) rappers and entertainers. Try reading next time before you comment.

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