Urban Meyer: Tim Tebow Just Needs a Chance to Play


Tim Tebow is coming off an extremely disheartening season, one in which he was never really got the chance to show whether or not he was capable of playing the quarterback position.

Tebow will more than likely part ways with the Jets this off season, and the question now has become what team would be willing to actually sign the young signal caller. If you talk to his former college coach Urban Meyer, whoever signs him just needs to give Tebow a chance to play for him to be successful.

Per ESPN’s Mike and Mike In The Morning: “We watched RGIII at the Washington Redskins, Wilson at the Seahawks, the new quarterback at the 49ers, and Carolina, and they are actually running a spread offense in the NFL,” Meyer said. “So my hope is, and I’m sure Tim feels the same way, is to go play in one of those systems where they let him play.”

I talk to him every week, and he’s still the most positive guy I’ve ever been around,” Meyer said. “He was so excited to go to New York and play for coach Ryan and the whole situation there. It didn’t turn out, but you have to move on.”

I can always appreciate a coach supporting their guy, and that certainly seems to be what Meyere is doing with Tebow.

Whether or not his plea is heard by actually heard by NFL franchises remains to be seen.

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  • Tebow obviously needs a coach who won’t lie to him

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