Victor Cruz Calls Redskins Team To Beat In NFC Playoffs

cruz says Redskins are team to beat

The Washington Redskins have mastered the NFL’s most important trick in RG3’s rookie season, get hot at the right time.  Like the Giants last year, the Redskins have worked out all the kinks, and are entering the playoffs on a roll.

Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz should know, as his 2012 Giants took a 9-7 invite into the playoffs and scorched their way to a Super Bowl.

Cruz understands that lightning in a bottle, and that’s why according to the Star-Ledger the Redskins are the team to beat in the NFC.

“It’s tough for me to say this because we play in the same division as them, but I think Washington is having a good year,” the Giants receiver said on WFAN Radio yesterday. “They’re having a year similar to us last year where they’re kicking up at the right time. They’re playing some good football. Typically the team that is playing the best towards the end of the year is the team that is going to potentially win it all.”

“They’ve got the upper hand right now,” Cruz said. “They’re all on the same page, they’re all buying in, RG3 is playing great football right now. I think they’ve got the advantage right now.”

“I think they have a tough task in front of them with Seattle, but I think they’re the team to beat for sure.”

I agree with Cruz, if the Skins can withstand the Seahawks, they have a bright playoff ahead.