Vince Young Sleeps Through Class At Texas, Then Heads To Bar (Photo)


vince young no shirt

Vince Young is doing what most mediocre NFL quarterbacks with a dim future should do, he’s returned to college.  Young is reportedly taking classes at Texas again and trying to take steps towards earning his degree.

Young is taking the right approach, but as the photo’s courtesy of Cosby Sweater show, it’s still Vince being Vince.  Young was photograph by another Texas student sleeping in class.  To make it worse it was a group project.

vince young sleep at class

After the class, Young did what he does best at times, and hit up a Austin bar, while also posing for pictures.

vince young in a bar after classes


Hey at least he’s taking classes right?


  1. those tweets are timestamped for different days. plus that looks like it could be his steakhouse, so he might have been there handling bizniz not pleasure.

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