Warren Sapp Calls Ndamukong Suh A “Blind Dog In A Meat House”

Warren Sapp criticizes Ndamukong Suh

Warren Sapp rarely misses an opportunity to express his opinions, especially negative the ones. When asked about Pro Bowl defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh during the Super Bowl media day, Sapp didn’t mince words.

“I want to see that game where they ran at Joe Greene, where they ran at Keith Millard, where they ran at me, where they ran at any hog that’s on the front of the line,” Sapp said. “You run away from them. You double them and try to get away from them. They run it right at Suh, ’cause he’s a blind dog in a meat house. Why run from him?”

“Stats don’t tell the game when you’re playing that position,” he said. “The thing I look at, and like I said before, Alex Smith comes to your stadium, rolls his arms, and they’re running the ball at you first play. Sam Bradford, comes in, they’re running wham (plays) against you. You don’t realize, that’s a problem. Who the hell’s the D-line coach? What do y’all work on all week long? I don’t get it .”

This is not the first time Sapp and ripped Suh, and has always maintained his stance that he is a one-dimensional player that can pass rush but not stop the run.

Sapp has a point, but he’s made it already and it’s becoming redundant. At this point it’s just coming across as hate.