Warriors Bench Mocks Blake Griffin’s Horribly Failed 3-Point Attempt (Video)

Warriors Bench Mock Blake Griffin’s Horribly Failed 3-Point Attempt

LA Clippers star Blake Griffin is an entertaining player known for finishing dunks with authority…a three-point shooter he is not.  As the shot clock was nearing zero, Griffin somewhat confidently heaved up a three-point attempt which to no surprise missed terribly, and the Warriors’ bench had to problem with letting him know it.

The thing that shocks me is that Griffin looked somewhat disappointed, as if he believed the shot would go in.  Guess it felt good leaving his hands…well at least until it hit the side of the backboard.

The red-hot Clippers have now lost 2 in a row as they prepare to face the Lakers in an important match-up for both teams on Friday.  This should be a good game, as now the standard roles of these teams of powerhouse and laughing-stock have been reversed this season…at least for the time being.