Wes Welker’s Wife Anna Says Ray Lewis Has Baby Mamas & Paid Off Murder Trial Families



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Someone is a little salty.

Some of her facts are a little off.  Ray Lewis isn’t married and he wasn’t acquitted of murder.  Rev. Ray took a plea deal and was found guilty of Obstruction of Justice.  He testified against the two defendants who were charged for murder and they were found innocent.

He didn’t technically pay off the families, but there were lawsuits brought against him and they were settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

While I believe it is fair if you are going to talk about Ray Lewis you have talk about everything, this just seems more like someone being bitter and lashing out.

Your husband’s team lost, don’t be a Gisele.  Tom Brady has a baby mama too.

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  1. She needs to make a choice. Either she wants to pretend to be insightful or be nude. By the fact that she is nude tells me there is not much in the brain department. Trophies just shouldn’t speak.

  2. Whatshe said wwas true but Ray Ray has stayed outta trouble for years now.folks do change.This was just a case of sour grapes.Why this is even a story? Folks giving nonfactors too much attention just like mantei. Gayo

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