Who is Sloane Stephens?


Sloane Stephens

You are probably wonder who is this Sloane Stephens woman who is currently trending on Twitter for beating Serena Williams.

Here are some details courtesy of Wikipedia.

  • She is 19
  • She is the Youngest Woman in the Top 40 Women’s ranking.
  • Born in Florida.
  • Starting playing Tennis at the age of 9.
  • Her idols are Serena and Venus Williams, who also mentor her.
  • Her favorite TV Show is Scandal.
  • She has an endorsement deal with Under Armour.
  • Her father¬†¬†John Stephens played 6 years in the NFL, tragically died in car accident in 2009.

I forgot to mention one thing, she appears to be pretty good at Tennis.

Sloane Stephens 2


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