Woman Say Suns Shannon Brown Cheats on His Wife Monica; Leaks DMs (Photos)

Shannon Brown exposed by groupie

More of a case of history repeating itself. This time it’s Phoenix Suns’ guard Shannon Brown, husband to R&B singer Monica. Despite the advent of the all to powerful ‘screenshot’ it seems athletes still can’t resist the urge to sow their wild oats wherever and with whomever the please.

A woman by the twitter name ‘CorieZenobia’ posted on her instagram today via Full Court Pumps some old DM’s from 2011 that Shannon apparently sent her–mind you, Brown married Monica in 2010.


Shannon Brown Cheating

Sext and DM shannon brown

BSO Shannon brown dm

Who knows if this info has been manipulated or is legit. The facts are you can’t really trust anyone these days and women and men are looking for their 15 minutes of fame any way they can get it.

You have been warned.


Apparently the girl is upset people called her ugly.

Corie Shannon Brown

Corie Shannon Brown 2

2 thoughts on “Woman Say Suns Shannon Brown Cheats on His Wife Monica; Leaks DMs (Photos)

  • Am I the only one who notices these supposed DMs have been heavily altered and might be fake. In a normal DM convo responses would be green and on an alternate side. Not the same side. Also, apparently her IG is private soooo either her and/or one of her friends “leaked” these to MTO…who was the originator of this story. I dunno something seems really suspect about the authenticity of the DMs. Let alone what is being said in them.

  • Monica is so much prettier than ther females make me so sick throwing salt and hating the way they do.So now what this corie chick what she think she gonna accomplish by breaking up someone eles’s home happy or not it wasn’t her place to put anyone on blast.If Shannon was unhappy he shouldn’t have gotten married. He could’ve been a man about it instead of a coward and cheat get caught..These hoes out here not playing and time and time again some guy get caught with some ratchet female when they got someone.

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