Worldstar Hip-Hop Says The Legal Owner Gave Them Chad Johnson’s Sex Tape

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It looks like the potential court battle between Chad Johnson and Worldstar Hip-Hop is heating up.  WSHH was the original site that leaked snippets of Chad Johnson’s sex tape.

Johnson immediately got his lawyers on the case and sued WSHH and Mediatakeout, but according to TMZ, Worldstar isn’t concerned about the lawsuit.

Chad Johnson Inside the NFL

Here is what WSHH had to say.

A source close to Worldstar tells us … when it came to acquiring the video, it did everything by the book after being assured it was being sold by the legal owner. Therefore, Worldstar contends Chad’s lawsuit is baseless.

There are a couple of questions that need to be answered.  Who exactly is the legal owner of a sex tape?  If they have the material legally why did they take down the video?

I guess we will only find out these answers if they go to trial.