11 Division III Athletes Allegedly Kick Off Team for Harlem Shake Video

harlem shake susquehanna

The Harlem Shake has turned into the new 2013 edition of Gangnam Style for colleges around the world. It’s a harmless group dance among people, however for 11 football players at DIII Susquehanna University (PA)  this dance cost them greatly.

11 players were allegedly kicked off the team after partaking in a “Harlem Shake” video gone wrong.  The video doesn’t seem to be offensive except for some sexual dance moves, and this is rated G compared to the twerk team videos.  The only harm I see is the fact some players may have snuck into the locker room facility to film this video. This has to be the most bizarre reason for players getting kicked off the team. I mean you could penalize them. It’s not like they beat a student unconscious like at Alabama.


Regardless of their harsh punishment, I found the video extremely entertaining especially the guy in the horse head.

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