11th Ranked Male Model In World Myles Crosby Chooses To Play Football At SMU


11Th Ranked Male Model In World Myles Crosby Chooses To Play Football At SMU 2



No Tyra Banks for this Top Model…

It’s not often that you hear of an 18-year-old turning down money and fame to play college football for free, but that’s exactly what Colleyville Heritage High School senior Miles Crosby will do today when he signs a letter of intent to play football for SMU.

At 6-3 205 pounds Crosby, touted as one of the industry’s brightest young stars, is the 11th ranked male model in the world. He has appeared in ads for Calvin Klein as well as top fashion magazines such as Esquire, GQ, and Vanity Fair.

“The stereotypical model is a lot softer than I am,” Crosby said with a laugh.

Crosby, who plays defensive back, is known as a hard hitter and had 118 tackles and 2 forced fumbles his senior year.

“I’m told I’m so stupid by every single person,” Crosby said. “That every single person in my shoes should drop out of school now and go make the money.”

“I have a passion for football and I want an education,” Crosby said. “This modeling crap could only last another year and then I’d have no education and never get to play football. I’d regret it for the rest of my life.”

I commend Crosby for following his dreams and wish him the best of luck. I’m sure he’ll have no problems at SMU especially with the ladies. They should love this eye candy.


  1. He’s going to SMU so there’s a good chance he’s still getting paid to play. We all saw “Pony Excess” on ESPN 30 for 30

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