2-Time MVP Kevin Hart Leads West Over East During Celebrity All-Star Game (VIDEO)

kevin hart celebrity all star game

Kevin Hart may lack a few things in size, but he makes up for it in humor. However his basketball skills are still an area of concern, being that his improvement is declining faster than his height.

The 32 year old actor is now a two time MVP at the Sprint Celebrity All-Stars game. So who is your big man now? Well I guess if you twist my arm I would have to say Kevin Hart is now the little big man of the Celebrity All-Star games.

During last night’s Sprint Celebrity All-Star game, the West steamed rolled over the East. The West was coached by Russell Westbrook and his horrendous pants. Although his pants may have been a distraction to the viewers, especially if you have a HD television, he managed to rally his team to beat the East, 58-38. The East was coached by Houston Rockets guard James Harden, which made me wonder why they decided to go with him since he plays on the West.

In any addition, six players on the West had more points then Hart, but popularity won and the television audience voted Kevin Hart the game’s MVP. At least he didn’t blatantly steal the award  like last year. This year we saw a more zin version of Kevin Hart. Instead of stomping his feet in disgust, cursing out an official, and throwing his shoe across the court, Hart took on a milder approach, minus when he got into it with the Chicago Bulls mascot. I suppose he didn’t want to lose those BET endorsements this time around.

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was perhaps the game’s best all-around performer, but he is a Harvard graduate and he plays basketball regularly with the President of the United States. It’s about time the little guy wins one for the team. See short guys don’t always finish last.

“My stature is somewhat amazing,” Hart said. “Everyone who thinks I’m small then looks at my chest and says, ‘Oh my god he is such a man.’ I could have gone the NBA route. I chose to go to comedy because it’s fun.”

Say it with your chest Kevin!

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