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50 Cent Says Floyd Mayweather Ducked Manny Pacquiao (VIDEO)

by BSO Staff | Posted on Thursday, February 28th, 2013
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mayweather and 50 cents

Today 50 Cent did what he does best, promotes his self. His first stop was at ESPN’s First Take, where he set down and spoke about boxing and Floyd Mayweather.

When asked by no one other than Skip Bayless,  Curtis elaborated on his premise that he feels Mayweather was ducking Pacquiao.  Curtis claims the two reasons he feels this way is due to Mayweather leaving a 100 million dollars on the table, and he is always too concerned with how much the opposing fighter makes rather than focusing on his own take home pay.

Now look at the pot calling the cattle black. Mayweather is always concern with how much the other fighter makes, yet Curtis is concern that Mayweather left 100 million on the table. What is wrong with Mayweather asserting his value and sticking with it? He may have left 100 million on the table, but he made 250 million without the help of Curtis “50 Cents” Jackson.

Floyd is a business man and he likes his money, why should that be held against him?  Floyd offered Manny a 55/45 split. Manny has never seen the kind of money a Money Mayweather fight can cash in. Regardless of the terms it could be argued both fighters had a chance to make this fight happened, but now it seems almost impossible for this fight to take place. I don’t blame Mayweather or Paciquiao I blame Bob Arum.

Somewhere right now, Mayweather is training thinking about how he is going to spend his $250 million. Mayweather is about a dollar, what is 50 cents?

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